Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor Westminster, CO

Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor in Westminster, CO

If you want to remove a wall to open up your floor plan, call Arise Constructions before hiring a local handyman or taking the project on yourself. The wall in question may be load bearing. Our engineers can assess your home's structural integrity, create a detailed plan, and let our load bearing wall removal contractors in Westminster do the rest.

For more information about how to remove a load bearing wall, or if you'd like a complimentary quote for your project, please give us a call or fill out our form. We would be happy to hear from you.

Working With Arise Constructions on a Wall Removal Process

Our Structural Engineers Lead the Project

As with foundation repair in Westminster, our structural engineers are the front line of support. They will study your home's architectural plans if they are available, inspect the frame and foundation, look for red flags like sagging ceilings and roofs, and paint a clear picture of the structural responsibilities carried by the current wall. They will then draw detailed plans that can be submitted to the city for permitting purposes. These plans will also serve as instructions for our wall removal contractor to follow.

We Build a Temporary Wall To Ease the Transition

When demolishing a load bearing wall, it's incredibly important to professionally build a temporary, or "shoring," wall to support the weight of your ceiling while tearing down the existing structure. This is the first thing we do after stripping the current wall down to the frame.

Once the temporary wall is safely in place, we can cut down the frame of the old wall that you want to remove. We do this carefully, so as not to damage your home during the process. We then make any cuts necessary to the ceiling joists, install joist hangers if we plan to use a horizontal flush beam, or pour concrete or fit holes for vertical steel beams (depending on your desired floor plan). At that point, we can install the new support system that will allow your floorplan to be wide open.

Helping Homeowners and Contractors in Westminster

We help homeowners all throughout Westminster, and whether you are opening up your floor plan or building an addition, please consider us your go-to contractor for structural work. We also work with contractors who are in the midst of a home remodel or renovation. A general contractor may not always have the expertise to remove a load bearing wall, and we are happy to come in and handle that aspect of the project. We've done projects in Countryside, Walnut Grove, Kings Mill, and up north near the Northwest Parkway, and in addition to wall removals, we do entire home remodels and foundation repair in Denver.

If you would like help with a wall removal, framing work, foundation repair, or even a full custom home build, give us a call.

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