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Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor in Denver

Do you want to open up your floor plan or add an addition to your home? Our wall removal contractors in Denver can help you transform your living space. We have a team of structural engineers who will carefully assess the project and provide plans, and experienced contractors who will execute the wall removal and successfully transfer the weight of your roof or ceiling to a non-invasive flush beam.

Removing a wall is not a simple job, and it's not safe to do it yourself at home. We will need to determine if a wall is, in fact, load-bearing, then carefully remove it and replace it with a new support system.

If you have any questions about a wall in your home, or if you're a general contractor looking for a partner to help you with structural work, please give us a call. We'd be happy to supply you with a consultation, complimentary quote, and inspection.

Step 1: Our Structural Engineers Inspect the Project

We Assess The Structural Nature of Your Home

Is the wall in question holding up your ceiling, or is it supporting the roof as well? These are questions that our structural engineers will need to answer. We will carefully inspect the wall, foundation, and framework, and gain a thorough understanding of exactly what piece is supporting what.

We'll Identify Structural Issues

Sometimes, when we speak with Denver homeowners about removing a load bearing wall, we find structural issues that need to be addressed. Perhaps the ceiling above the wall is sagging, or perhaps you have rotting joists in the foundation system. We will give an itemized proposal for how we can fix these issues before proceeding with the wall removal project. This is to ensure the long term structural integrity of your home, along with the safety of your family.

What if You Aren't Sure if the Wall is Load Bearing?

Call us before you start demolishing a wall - many homeowners have jeopardized their safety by incorrectly determining that a wall is not load bearing. You need a certified structural engineer to look at your home and draw plans.

We Draw Up Specific Plans

Our engineers create detailed plans, all the way down to where screws should be placed, how many 2x4s we need to use, and how wide the new flush beam should be. We do not "wing" any projects or improvise on the spot, as this would endanger the safety of your home.

We Get Your Permits

To engage in a home renovation or structural project in your home, you'll need permits from the city of Denver. We create detailed plans that can be submitted to the city, and we will handle the permitting process for you.

Setting Up Temporary Supports and Removing the Existing Wall

We can't simply tear down a load-bearing wall, of course. There is a process we must follow.

Firstly, we will construct a temporary support system to hold up the ceiling and roof while we remove the existing wall. This is a sizable construction process in its own right, and only once the temporary supports are in place will we start with wall demolition.

Then we will finish removing the existing wall. We will have already removed the drywall, wiring, and ductwork by this point, but this is when we cut out the support beams that had been supporting your ceiling. 

Creating the New Support System

Next, we will most likely be installing a beautiful flush beam that will support the weight of the ceiling or roof above. We may need to use hydraulic jacks to support beams up flush while we fit the new support in place. We have all of the right tools for this job - hydraulic nail punches if there isn't room to swing a hammer, joist hangers to secure the new beam, and more.

The very last step is to remove the temporary wall once the new support system is in place. If we haven't adequately supported the home with our new beams, the lumber in the temporary support wall will pinch the blades of our saws when we cut under the beams  -- truth be told, this is a very rare occurrence.

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