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At Arise Constructions, we provide the finest siding installation and replacement service in the Greater Denver area. We work with each homeowner to deliver a perfect finished product within budget, and we don’t start working until you are satisfied with the chosen materials. Schedule your free meeting today, and whether you are building a new home from scratch or updating the siding on your current house, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Multi-Faceted Home Services Experience

Why Work With Our Siding Contractors?

Arise Constructions handles siding, roofing, home remodels, custom home builds, structural work, and more. We’ve seen hundreds of homes from every angle, and that helps us offer expert recommendations regarding your siding installation and material. Additionally, we’ve added every type of siding imaginable to homes of all architectural styles. We’ve provided only the finest service in Denver since our inception in 2015.

Unmatched Attention to Detail

Victor, the founder of Arise Constructions, began his career as a home inspector. His particular areas of focus were structural integrity, aesthetics, and home functionality, and those principles have helped turn Arise Constructions into the one of the leading siding installers in Denver.

Get a Visual Representation of Your Siding Before We Start

Choosing siding is a big deal. It is one of the first things people notice when they see your house, and it can influence your quality of life and the home’s resale value. For that reason, we can provide you with a visual rendering of the siding on your home before we even get to work. If you don’t like what you see, we can cycle through different styles of siding.

Vertical or Lap Siding Installation in Denver

Stand Out With Vertical Siding on Your Home

Vertical siding has become increasingly popular in the Denver area, most commonly in arts and crafts and farmhouse style homes. You will usually see board and batten siding used for vertical alignments, but we can also create a spectacular vertical look with tongue and groove siding. Vertical siding makes homes of even common height look majestic, and it has superior resistance to water damage. Vertical siding can be a bit more expensive to install because of the difficulty involved, but it’s a worthwhile long term investment. It adds significant visual appeal (and a sense of uniqueness) to many homes.

Standard Horizontal (Lap) Siding Installers

Most homes rely on lap siding as the last line of defense against the elements, and we’ve installed traditional horizontal siding on dozens of homes. Clapboard siding is perhaps the most common shape; it is tapered towards the bottom of each board, and that helps the siding fit together tightly and repel water.

Beaded lap siding is another option, and while it isn’t as common in Denver as it is in the Southeast, it can create a wonderful aesthetic effect on certain homes. Each piece of beaded lap siding has a groove at the bottom, followed by a rounded, wider edge. Dutch lap siding, Shiplap siding, and others are all in play as well.

If you are in the process of choosing a siding style for your home, let us know. We can help you see the pros, cons, and price points of different installation methods.

Consider Alternatives Like Siding Panels or Wood Shakes

Contemporary Siding Panels

We build and remodel enough modern homes in the Denver area to know that blocked siding panels can create a striking appearance. Cement fiber siding panels are often used in conjunction with natural materials like cedar, and they add a geometric element to any home. For an even more upscale contemporary look, consider pairing siding panels with premium aluminum longboard siding. We would love to schedule a meeting with you and show you a visual rendering of contemporary siding options.

Wooden Shingles or Shakes

Many of the homeowners we work with have rustic homes in the woods, or vacation homes in the remote mountains. These houses can be a great fit for the cozy charm of wooden shingles and shakes. Most often, you will see these in cedar, although softwoods like redwood and pine are also common. High end properties will often go for hardwoods like teak or Massaranduba.

If you are interested in adding a new dimension to your home’s exterior with wood shakes or accents, we can help you choose the right kind of wood, talk about price points, and provide a visual representation.

What Are Your Siding Material Choices?

Standard Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding is everywhere, and that’s because it is relatively simple to install, is inexpensive, and doesn’t require staining or regular maintenance. You can pay around $13 per square foot for this material, but we don’t recommend it – standard (or even premium) vinyl fades in the sun, can crack easily from cold or impact, and generally looks like a lower-end finish.

Fiber Cement Siding in Denver

Fiber cement is a wonderful option for homeowners. It is usually priced below $20 per square foot, and it can replicate the look of multiple finishes, including natural wood. Use it on a rustic farmhouse in the woods, or surround contemporary siding panels or glass walls – we can help you find and install the perfect fiber cement siding on your home.

Genuine Wood Siding

As advanced as modern synthetic materials may be, it can be hard to replace the character of real wood siding on certain homes. The first step is selecting the right kind of wood. From cedar, pine, and redwood to Brazilian teak, Accoya, or Ipe, we can talk you through the price points and average lifespan of these siding materials.

Secondly, install the siding perfectly. We carefully install the weather resistive barrier (WRB), add the siding, and install all of the materials carefully and expertly. Third, we will stain, paint, and finish the siding as necessary (depending on the style of wood).

Brick or Stone Veneer Siding in Denver

Many custom homes include a textured finish like stone or brick siding. We can send you material samples (or point you in the right direction), and we can also guide you through the selection process. There are certain things to take into consideration, like heat retention, water resistance, and other facets of homeownership that may apply to your home, depending on its location. Veneer siding can cost as low as $10 per square foot, while genuine stone siding may cost up to $50 per square foot.

Brick and stone veneers are far more affordable than the genuine material, but real stone and brick finishes will last decades longer.

Denver’s Metal Siding Contractors

Many farmhouses, barndominiums, and modern contemporary homes are well suited for metal siding and panels. These can be thicker than regular lap siding, or they can be aligned vertically (or arranged into panels – mentioned above). Your color options will also vary widely with metal siding. Choose dramatic accent colors like red, black, or burnt orange, or speak with us about how you can create a one-of-a-kind appearance with your siding options.

Siding Replacement in Denver: Our Process

Firstly, we speak with homeowners in great detail about their goals, their budget, and realistic expectations depending on budget. We’ll discuss things like:

  • The longevity of certain types of siding
  • The cost of materials
  • The cost of labor, depending on the material
  • A time frame for the project
  • Your goals for the home: simply functional, or changing the aesthetic

Secondly, we will send you a detailed proposal that you will have plenty of time to review. We want to be on the same page as our customers, and we are honest about time frames and expectations.

Third, we’ll carefully remove your old siding. We cover vehicles, furniture, plants, and anything else that could be damaged during this process, and we’ll haul the old siding away without leaving a trace.

Finally, we will install the new siding carefully and professionally, and while we work efficiently, we’ll never go faster than our quality standards allow. We finish each project with a careful inspection and walkthrough, and we aren’t done until you are satisfied.

Call Us For Your Complimentary Meeting

Many options are listed above, but our Denver siding experts have the versatility to work on many styles of homes. You don’t need to know what you are looking for when you call us – a simple request for ideas is good enough. We can visit your home and help you choose a perfect style for your house, and we are happy to take your budget, visual preferences, and even your personality into account. Let us help you transform or upgrade your house today.

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