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Structural + Foundation Repair in Arvada, CO

If you suspect that your foundation has cracked or shifted, or if you notice dips in the floors, cracks in your home, or even a consistently musty smell coming from below, call our foundation repair contractors in Arvada today. We can proceed with a consultation to see if your home is structurally safe or at risk for severe water damage, and we will help you improve your home's value (and your quality of life) as quickly as possible.

Signs That Your Foundation May Not Be Structurally Sound

Excess Moisture, Dampness and "Spillage"

Concrete is slightly porous, and a certain amount of water absorption is expected. However, excess moisture can wreak havoc on your home's foundation.

If you notice puddles, consistent dampness, or even a musty smell, we recommend that you call us for an expert opinion. If you have too much water in the soil immediately surrounding your home, the ever-increasing hydrostatic pressure may bow, rotate, and even crack the foundation walls over time. This can be dangerous for you and your family.

Cracks Serve as a Warning

Cracks are one of the more obvious red flags for homeowners. Do you have a crack in your basement floor, perhaps leading to significant flooding? Are there cracks, even small ones, in your living room ceiling? To a lesser extent, do your walls and floors have small hairline fractures? These can be signs that your foundation needs some work. It's also possible that your home's framing was shoddily done, and we can help with that as well.

Slants, Gaps, and Unnatural Angles

If you notice a painting that hangs awkwardly, an uneven gap above the threshold of a door, or a noticeable slant in your floor, give us a call as soon as possible. These can be telltale signs of foundational issues - we can let you know if the problem needs an immediate and significant fix, or if your house is still structurally sound. Sticky windows and doors (or doors that open on their own) can also indicate foundational rotation, but your windows and doors may also act up for other reasons.

Is Insurance Paying For Your Foundation Repair in Arvada?

If your home insurance provider will be footing the bill for the structural work on your home, we are happy to work with them. We have many years of experience providing cost estimates and talking with insurance adjusters, and we can even send a structural engineer to your home when the insurance adjuster arrives. This isn't a combative gesture by any means - it simply helps the adjuster understand the costs and projects that will need to be accounted for.

Is It Dangerous To Put Off a Home Foundation Repair?

If you notice the hallmarks of critical foundation damage, like significant dips in your flooring, cracks snaking up the chimney, or separating drywall, yes -- it is most likely unsafe for you to remain in the house without addressing the problem.

There are other reasons to get started on the repair, though. Every month you put off the repair, the cost of fixing the foundation may become greater (and the project may take longer). You may also pay exorbitant HVAC fees, have to replace rotting wood, deal with insect infestations, handle water damage, suffer from mold, or lead an otherwise troubled existence.

How We Fix Foundations

Every situation is unique, and our structural engineers will inspect the job site and provide a specific plan of action for your home. In fact, structural engineers inspect the job site at each stage of the repair process to make sure we are on the right track.

Basement Drainage and Moisture Experts

While moisture issues will endanger your foundation, we can stop the problem before cracks, bows, and structural considerations come into play. We will want to guide water away from your home and the foundation, allowing the soil to dry as quickly as possible. We may be able to fix the problem with new gutters, downspouts, and extensions, and we can also implement grading around your home. For more significant situations, we can foundation drains (like a French drain or more robust system) that will guide water away from your home.

Push Piles, Piers and Underpinning

If your foundation needs more support, or if the foundation must be lifted back into place, we can use aggressive measures. Helical piers, which are giant screws placed below the foundation, can halt further movement. Push piles, which are driven directly into the bedrock below your home, accomplish the same thing. We can also use wall bracing or underpinning to strengthen your foundation walls or relieve pressure.

Foundation repair is far too complex to describe on a single page, but if you have any questions about our methods, please get in touch and feel free to ask questions.

Fixing Foundations and Structural Issues in and Around Arvada, CO

While we are known for our foundation repair services in Denver, we often help clients in Arvada. As Denver's gateway to the Rockies, the terrain in Arvada presents plenty of challenges for homeowners. The sloped and rocky terrain, freezing and thawing, and other factors make a sturdy foundation the top concern if you want your home to be safe and structurally sound. Whether you live in a contemporary ranch home along Ralston Rd or a luxurious mountain estate in the Alta Vista area, please give us a call. We will provide a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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