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Structural + Foundation Repair in Broomfield, CO

If you live in the Broomfield, CO area and have started to notice mustiness in your basement, warping walls, cracks in the foundation, or other warning signs, give our foundation repair contractors a call. You can quickly text us images or send us a video through our communication portal, and we'll have an inspection and quote lined up for you in no time at all. Even minor issues can end up costing you a tremendous amount of money if you delay repairs -- let us make your home safe and comfortable for you.

Does Your Foundation Actually Need to be Repaired?

Firstly, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your home's structure. We will be honest with you: some homes need bracing, some need new concrete poured, while some simply need a better drainage system. Our team of contractors and structural engineers will assess the situation and give you a fair and honest representation of what needs to be done.

Moisture or Water Buildup

If you have flooding in your basement, if you notice mustiness after each rain storm, or if your concrete is sweating more than it used to, your foundation is probably under a significant amount of hydrostatic pressure. This can lead to bracks or lack of structural integrity in the future. That may also indicate that the soil under and around your home is eroding. We are experts at fixing these problems - we discuss solutions below.

Visible Cracks or Bowing

If you see cracks, even small ones, in your foundation wall, foundation wall, your ceilings, or elsewhere in the home, we should conduct a quick structural inspection. They might be related to poor framing, and it could even simply be an issue with your sheetrock -- but more often than not, those cracks are due to pressure from a shifting or rotating foundation.

Warping in the Walls of Your Home

If you see strange warps and bends in your wall, floor, or ceiling, call us right away. Walls will often warp when the foundation is under strain, and floors that feel like the surface of an old ship can portend trouble to come. Furthermore, fixing the foundation early will save you from having to replace beams, plaster, drywall, or other home components in the future.

Spooky Doors and Stuck Windows

If your doors swing open independently, or if a window is stuck shut, that might be a warning sign. Furthermore, if you start to notice uneven space underneath your doors, your foundation could be shifting. Some settling is normal, but there comes a point where we may need to reinforce the walls or earth under your home.

What Our Foundation Repair Contractors in Broomfield Can Do

Fix Your Drainage and Water Problems

The leading cause of structural issues in homes in Broomfield and the surrounding areas of Colorado is water. This is exacerbated by the fact that water will freeze in the earth around your foundation during the winter, then thaw in the spring, unleashing a wave of significant pressure on your foundation. A key step is keeping that water away from your home in the first place.

We may need to install a french drain, sump pump, or a more advanced drainage system in your basement or below your home. We may also need to add ventilation so that air can naturally evaporate water. We also have significant experience installing new gutters, downspouts, and extensions, and if we need to grade the earth around your foundation, we can create the ideal drop of six inches away from your home.

Reinforce With Bracing and Underpinning

From steel i-beams to rotted wood replacement in joists and frames, and we can brace your foundation and restore the structural integrity of your home. There are even times when carbon fiber straps and other reinforcement methods are necessary. As far as underpinning is concerned, we can pour new concrete below and around your foundation to distribute the weight better, or we can use the beam and base method to transfer pressure to a newly-poured concrete beam.

Support Your Home With Vertical Piles or Helical Piers

Some foundation walls would benefit from tie-back piers that pull the walls outwards. Other homes that have less exterior access and space may need vertical mini-piles driven directly below the house into more stable soil deep below. We will carefully inspect your home and the land it's on to arrive at the best solution for you.

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Our team of foundation repair contractors in Broomfield have helped hundreds of homeowners, and we would love to make your home more secure. Furthermore, we have structural engineers inspect the project along the way to make sure our methods are actually fixing the problem, not just costing you money. Call, send a text, or fill out our form to get your quote today.

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