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Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor in Broomfield, CO

We've helped dozens of homeowners remove structural walls, and we would love to work with you. Our engineers will assess the load-bearing nature of the wall, determine how it needs to be demolished, create plans for a temporary support system while we remove the wall, and pull permits for the new beam or other system. Whether you are adding an addition to your home or creating a contemporary open floor plan, give our load bearing wall removal contractors in Broomfield a call.

We are happy to offer a complimentary consultation and quote, and we'll be transparent with you regarding costs, time frame, and how invasive the project will need to be. Some projects are very quick, while others are more advanced. Regardless of your situation, leave your wall removal project in good hands.

The Challenges of Removing a Load Bearing Wall

Removing a load-bearing wall is no small task, and it comes with its set of challenges. First of all, it takes an expert to identify which walls are load bearing, which elements of your home's structure the wall supports, and how much weight it is carrying. Mistakenly removing a wall without proper support can lead to significant damage, even risking the collapse of part of your home. Furthermore, the process involves detailed planning and engineering to ensure that the new support system can effectively redistribute the load. This often means navigating building codes and obtaining necessary permits. Additionally, we will need to replace the wall with a new support system that both supports your house while accomplishing your aesthetic goals. Whether it's a beam or posts, we will follow detailed plans to correctly replace the wall.

We do not recommend removing your own load bearing wall. It's dangerous, could be in violation of Broomfield's building codes, and may lead to long term damage to your house (with accompanying insurance concerns). If you have any questions about your specific situation, call us or send a picture - we are happy to help.

Phase 1 Of Your Wall Removal Project

The initial phase of any wall removal project begins with a thorough assessment by our skilled engineers to determine if the wall in question is load-bearing. This step ensures the structural integrity of your home is maintained throughout the process. The structural engineers will use calculations, an investigation of your home's architectural plan, and advanced tools to find the information they need.

Following this assessment, our team of engineers crafts detailed plans for the demolition and the necessary temporary support structures. These plans are designed to protect your home's structure during the removal process. Simultaneously, we will handle the process of pulling the necessary permits so everything can proceed smoothly.

Setting up the temporary support is the final step in this phase, preparing the site for safe demolition. We basically build a strong, temporary structure that we will fit in place while we remove the structural wall.

Phase 2: Removing the Wall and Adding a New Support System

After all of the groundwork has been laid and the temporary support is in place, we can remove the old wall and create a new open space for you. We demolish the load bearing wall carefully, ensuring that the rest of the home remains undisturbed and structurally sound. Following the wall's removal, we move quickly to implement a new replacement support system designed specifically to look beautiful in your space.

Options for this new support system vary based on architectural requirements and homeowner preferences. Steel beams are a popular choice  because of their industrial look and slim profile -- they don't interrupt views or stand out on their own. Wooden beams are another popular choice, and in cases where ceiling height is a premium, flush beams may be installed within the ceiling itself, invisible to the occupants and preserving the uninterrupted flow of the space.

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