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Structural + Foundation Repair in Boulder, CO

Whether basement flooding has brought a foundation issue to your attention, you're thinking of investing in an older home that may have a cracked foundation, or your notice bowed walls and cracked ceilings, give our foundation repair experts in Boulder, CO a call. We can quickly assess the problem, give you a quote and time frame, and ensure your home is structurally sound. We've helped hundreds of folks in the Boulder area, and we would be happy to help you.

How We Fix Your Foundation and Prevent Future Damage

We Can Brace and Reinforce Underperforming Foundations

If your foundation wall has been compromised, or if your foundation appears to be weakening, we may be able to restore your home's integrity with bracing techniques. In these projects, contractors will use steel I-beams, heavy wooden beams, carbon fiber straps, or even helical tie-back anchors to take pressure off the existing structural system. Whether we need to add beams to hold more weight or use tie-backs to remove pressure from the outside, we'll make sure your home is safe and up to code.

Underpinning, Piers and Piles

Contractors will often use underpinning methods to strengthen a foundation, especially when additional stories are going to be built on top of an existing structure. The "mass concrete" method is the most traditional -- here, contractors will excavate earth below and surrounding the foundation, pour new concrete, and spread the weight load further. Beam and base underpinning is also a common method, in which workers redistribute the home's weight to a newly constructed heavy-duty beam made of poured concrete. If there's no easy exterior access around your home (or if the lot is quite small), mini-piles may be the way to go. These vertical piles are drilled directly in the soil below theĀ  home to add additional load-bearing capability or stabilize a shaky structure.

In extreme circumstances, the foundation repair company may even need to use jet-grouting to mix a high volume of grout into the soil below the home -- this can mitigate shifting and settling in a mixed soil environment.

Mitigate Further Damage With Drainage Solutions and Grading

We often speak with customers who have noticed water in their basement, an increasingly musty smell, or see "sweating" concrete. This is a red flag, since additional and consistent hydrostatic pressure against your foundation walls or floor can lead to structural damage.

Sometimes, we are able to fix the problem by adding a high end gutter system with downspouts and extensions, thereby directing water far from your foundation. We may also need to grade the area around your home, as a drop of at least 6 inches within the first 10 feet away from your home is advantageous. If necessary, we can also build a french drain for you, install a sump pump, or take other more aggressive measures.

More Information About Our Foundation Repair Services in Boulder

Oversight By Experienced Structural Engineers

Our experienced structural engineers oversee everything that we do. They perform an initial inspection of the project, use advanced calculations and modeling techniques, and work with our crews to suggest methods and how much weight needs to be redistributed. Then, after we complete each phase of the project, they inspect the work and make sure the piles, piers, braces, or underpinning are doing the job correctly.

We Can Work With Your Insurance Company

If your foundation repair in Boulder should be covered by insurance, let us know. We can be present at your home during the insurance adjuster visit, and we provide an itemized and accurate quote that you can use in talks with your insurance company.

We Can Offer Cash For "Totaled" Homes

We have purchased properties from potential clients who simply could not justify spending as much money as was required to fix the foundation. This is an outlier situation, of course, but it can happen. As full-service home remodelers and builders, we can take on a "totaled' property and flip the home.

Watch For These Warning Signs - Then Call Us

If you see any of the warning signs listed below, give us a call or send us pictures right away. Small issues (like dampness or cracks) can end up costing you many thousands of dollars if not addressed.

Dampness or Flooding

While standing water in your basement is an obvious problem, mustiness or sweating in the concrete can also indicate that your foundation is under pressure. It's far better to mitigate the effects of water before they cause warping or cracking in your foundation.

Cracked Ceilings or Warped Walls

Cracks in your ceiling need to be addressed right away - they could indicate a lack of safety in your home. It may be caused by shifting in your foundation, or it could be related to a few joists or a poor framing job. We will get the bottom of the issue and give you a proposal very quickly.

Doors and Windows Might Start Acting Up

In some cases, doors may start to swing open on their own, you may notice a widening gap below the door frame, window frames may start to crack, and you may notice poor HVAC efficiency. This may be related to a shifting or sinking foundation.

Visible Cracks in the Foundation Wall

Obviously, if you walk down to your basement and see a crack in the wall, text us a picture right away. It might be a simple fix, or we may want to start bracing the foundation immediately. Do not put your family in danger or risk significant flooding or structural damage to your home.

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Our structural repair specialists are standing by to help make your home more livable and safe. We provide foundation repair in Denver, and we often help folks in Boulder, Valmont, Seven Hills, the Martin Acres neighborhood, and other areas. We make it easy: send us a video through our contact portal, shoot us a text with images, or simply give us a call. We'd love to help.

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