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Structural + Foundation Repair in Westminster

If you notice bowed walls, cracks in your ceiling, or moisture building up in your basement, give our foundation repair experts in Westminster, CO a call as soon as possible. Our structural engineers will inspect your property and look for structural issues or deficiencies in your drainage system.

We've helped dozens of homeowners fix their foundation problems and prevent new ones, and we would love to help you solidify the structural integrity of your home. Get in touch for your consultation today.

What are Some Signs That Your Foundation Needs Work?

Moisture: The Most Common Issue

Concrete, by its nature, will absorb some water and sweat (this is referred to as spillage). It's impossible to keep the ground below and around your foundation perfectly dry at all times. However, if you notice a persistent musty smell coming from your basement, mold, or moisture on the basement walls and floor, you need to give us a call.

Rest assured that it's unlikely you have an actual crack or hole in your foundation (if you do see a crack in the structural floor, you have a problem. You will obviously have a flooding problem if there is a genuine crack, but the problems can usually be caught before that.

We receive a tremendous amount of snow in Westminster, and as that water seeps in the soil, freezes and expands, and ultimately thaws and rushes towards your foundation, your foundation will need to absorb a significant amount of hydrostatic pressure. If the water pressure is too great for your foundation to handle, you will notice moisture in the basement. Over time, this can break the walls of your foundation.

We can stop the problem before the structural integrity of your home is compromised. The first line of defense is usually an upgraded gutter system, complete with professionally done downspouts and other methods of removing water. After that, we will examine the grading of the land around your home. We may need to slightly change the grade in a way that guides water away from your foundation.

We can also build a high end drainage system in your basement. French drains and more are on the table, and this will relieve pressure from your foundation walls and floor.

Walls, Floors and Ceilings Can Point To Foundational Shifting

Cracks in your ceiling usually point to serious structural problems in your home. Walls that start to bow are also bad news, and wavy or slanted floors suggest that your foundation is moving. If you notice uneven gaps below doors, window frames that start to crack or detach, or doors that swing open independently, we recommend that you have one of our structural engineers take a look.

If your foundation has started to shift or sink, we still have time to correct the problem. We can use concrete or steel for various underpinning techniques, and we can fortify your foundational walls with tie-backs and braces. We can also pour new concrete and fix your structural floor. If the problems are more serious, we are skilled with helical piers, vertical piles (driven beneath your house foundation), micro-piles, and much more. It's rare for a residential home to be built on a concrete slab in Westminster, but we have successfully employed slabjacking when necessary.

Work With the Local Foundation Repair Experts in Westminster

An Honest and Effective Team of Foundation Contractors

Our team has decades of industry experience, and we understand that the last thing you want to do is endure the hassle and expense of a foundational repair job. We will inspect the job site, provide a timely and itemized estimate, and abide by our given timeline, weather permitting. We also stop at nothing to restore the structural integrity of your home and keep your family safe. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and if we are able to fix your problem with simple drainage solutions rather than undertaking more dramatic repairs, we will certainly do that.

We Can Work With Home Insurance Companies

While it's great news if your insurance company will be paying for the structural work on your home, dealing with adjusters can be a hassle. What if they don't understand the extent of the damage and only release funds for a fraction of the actual cost of the job? We can be present at your home when the insurance adjuster arrives, and we are happy to provide insight as to what needs to be done. We will also supply an estimate that you can send to the insurance company.

Common Strategies For Foundation Repair in Westminster, CO

After we assess the nature of your structural problem, the soil around your home, and the structural design of your home, our engineers will create a specific course of action. We will discuss options with you in detail before proceeding, but here are some common foundation repair strategies for homes in Westminster.

Foundation Underpinning Experts

Underpinning, one of the most frequently used methods for fixing foundations, involves extending the foundation in depth or breadth. The goal is to distribute load-bearing responsibilities to more supportive soil, or across a greater area. This method is particularly effective for older buildings that don't have a strong or deep enough foundation. We can do this with concrete piers, helical piers, steel piers, or segmented piers, and each has its own set of advantages and limitations.

Mudjacking and Slabjacking

This is not common in Jefferson or Adams county, or anywhere in CO for that matter, as it is often used for sunken concrete slabs. A mixture, typically made of water, soil, sand, and cement, will be pumped under the slab to lift it back to its original level. Mudjacking is less expensive and less invasive than underpinning, but it's not suitable for all types of foundation problems. If you are the rare Colorado resident with a concrete slab foundation, you will probably need to plan on doing this every several years if your soil is shifting.

Sealing Foundation Cracks

Minor cracks in foundations can sometimes be repaired simply by sealing them with hydraulic cement, epoxy injections, or other sealants. This is quick and inexpensive, but we would only do this if the cracks are not causing genuine structural problems. It is important though -- sealing these cracks will prevent water from entering the basement, and this will preserve the structural integrity of your foundation in the long run.

Does Soil Modification Work To Fix House Shifting?

Every once in a while, the issue lies not with the foundation itself, but with the soil around it. Techniques such as soil stabilization (using chemicals to enhance soil properties) or soil grouting (injecting grout to strengthen soil) can be employed to improve soil conditions and, by extension, foundation stability. This can slow the shifting of your house -- perhaps you've noticed doors acting strange, gaps beneath thresholds, and other harbinger of foundation issues. In unique cases, stabilizing the soil can help. Again, our structural engineers will assess your soil to find the right solution, as Colorado has unique soil conditions that lead to shifting and sinking.

Will We Need to Excavate Around Your Home?

Underpinning and drainage solutions often require some level of excavation around the property, and we will be honest with you about the impact on your yard in the short term. If access to the exterior of your home is limited because of neighbors, trees, or other issues, you may be a good candidate for vertical piles (made of concrete or steel) driven deep directly below your home that will reach stable soil or bedrock.

How Long Do Structural Repair Jobs Take?

Simple cracks, for instance, may only take a day to fix. Extensive underpinning methods, on the other hand, could take several weeks, or even longer, depending on the scope of the project. We will communicate with you regarding the perceived time frame. Other work, like the installation of a french drain system or other water mitigation efforts, may only take a week or less as well. We've helped clients in Westminster, Federal Heights, Northglenn, Walnut Grove, and elsewhere throughout the greater Denver area, and we would be happy to inspect your home and provide as much information as possible regarding cost, time frame, and methodology.

Fixing Your Structural Issues Sooner Than Later Will Save Money

Allowing your foundation to shift or sink further can damage your floor, cause leaks in your roof, crack walls, and lead to other costly damage. In a worst case scenario, you could be endangering yourself and your family by procrastinating. Even mold, mildew, and insect infestations can intensify as your foundation deteriorates.

By addressing the problem early, you may avoid direct foundation damage altogether. Call us to install a new gutter system, grade your property, and build a high end drainage system that will solve your moisture problems. These measures will take pressure off your foundation and keep it strong for many years to come.
We provide the best foundation repair in Denver, and we also offer roof replacements, siding installations, and full custom home builders in Denver.

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