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If you notice bowing walls or ceilings, call us right away - they are red flags that your foundation has shifted or is otherwise damaged. Hairline cracks in your basement floor, doors mysteriously swinging open on their own can also point to structural issues in your home. If you would like the most reliable foundation repair contractors in Denver to inspect your home and provide an honest assessment, please send us a note. We also assist homeowners who need structural work done to support additions or wall removals, and we can fix structural issues with your home's frame in addition to the foundation.

What Working With Arise Constructions is Like

We'll Review Your Video Upload and Communicate on the Phone

If you would rather cut to the chase, you are welcome to fill out our form and schedule an initial consultation. If you are able to provide a bit more context, you can use our video upload functionality to send us an overview of the cracks, bows, water collection or other issues on hand. We will review the video before scheduling an on-site inspection.

We Will Inspect Your Home For Structural Issues

After the initial consultation, we will visit your property and carefully look for damage to the foundation, identify faulty framing structures, and more. We will also be honest with you regarding the extent of the issue. For instance, if you notice cracks in the floor, we'll let you know if the cracks are simply aesthetic, or if they are structural in nature.

Cracks in the floor may indicate water issues, even though the floor is not structural.  We will discuss moisture issues in more detail below, but we will identify and correct leaks, grading problems, and more.

The Project Estimate and Time Frame

Once we've inspected your home, we will promptly send you an estimate. We'll be as up-front as we possibly can regarding the project duration and time frame, and we are happy to answer all of your questions. We understand that structural issues with your home can cause anxiety, and we want you to feel safe and secure as quickly as possible. We'll also let you know if you can live in the home or if you must stay elsewhere. In our experience, 75% or more of homeowners can stay in their homes while we fix the foundation.

We Work With Your Insurance Company

We have significant experience working with homeowners' insurance companies. Feel free to ask us anything you need to know about getting your foundation repaired by insurance, and we will be as helpful and compliant as possible.

Signs That You Have Structural or Foundation Problems

Floor and Wall Crack Repair

Cracks in your ceilings, and to a lesser extent the walls and floors, may point to foundational issues in your home. Your framing may also be causing structural problems. If you start to see additional cracks over time, or if the existing cracks get wider, give us a call immediately. These can be caused by a shifting or settling foundation, among other things.

Are Your Doors and Windows Acting Up?

Do your doors swing open on their own when not latched? Do your windows have uneven gaps, or do they fail to close properly? Whether your doors and windows get struck, cease to fit properly, or leave awkward amounts of space above the threshold, foundational shifting may be causing the problem. Moisture and changes in humidity level are the more common culprits for door and window issues, but you will want to make sure.

Along those lines, if you notice a slant in floors, walls, or ceilings, call us immediately. You probably won't notice a gradual slant until it becomes more pronounced, at which point the issue may be serious.

Warped or Bowing Ceilings and Walls

Wall hangings, paintings, or a simple eye test may tip you off to the fact that your walls have lost their integrity. A foundation that can't handle the pressure of expanding and contracting soil around your home will often lead to warping or bulging in your walls.

When you buy a house, keep your eyes open for cracks. More often than not, visible cracks are the "canary in the coal mine" of structural issues. We've also consulted with many would-be homeowners on issues they see during inspections, and we can recommend repairs that should be done prior to buying.

Significant Moisture Problems in Your Basement

If you have significant moisture buildup, standing water, or even a severely musty smell, it's possible that your foundation is letting water in through cracks. In fact, cracks aren't even necessary - concrete "sweats" water when there are issues. You may also hear contractors refer to this as "spillage." You may also have a drainage problem that is putting too much strain on your foundation -- we can repair the cracks, install a drainage system to relieve pressure, or both.

Most homeowners don't realize that water is the main cause of structural and foundation issues; grading around your home can lead to water trying to force its way into your basement. We can correct the grading problem around your house and prevent future water buildup.

Denver's Soil Causes Unique Challenges For Foundation Contractors

The expansive clay soil in Denver and the surrounding areas can expand and contract dramatically. Rainfalls followed by significant dry spells create a cycle that can cause your foundation to shift, settle, and crack over time. Custom home builders in the region should prepare your house accordingly, but some contractors fail to provide necessary reinforcements.

Snow can also hurt your foundation. Imaging the huge amount of frozen water standing around, waiting to melt in the spring and wreak havoc on your foundation. We can take precautions to make sure that water does not freeze around your home.

Colorado's cycle of freezing and thawing also adds pressure to a home's foundation. Water expands as it freezes, then releases that pressure in the spring. Of course, there's also the mountainous nature of the area. Homes set on hills, mountains and slopes will need to handle soil erosion and shifting.

How Our Denver Foundation Repair Pros Fix The Problem

Every structural issue is unique, and we will decide on a strategy after inspecting the problem. However, here are a few common methods that come into play.

Keeping Water Away From Your Home

Gutters, downspouts and extensions are vitally important for keeping water away from your foundation. At Arise Constructions & Remodels, we have a package that includes new gutters and extensions, along with drainage systems and grading. This is very often an important step in fixing your structural issues.

Piering and Piling

Piering (or "piling") requires us to drive steel pipes into the ground below a load point of your foundation. Push piles are driven directly below your house until they reach solid ground (the bedrock), whereas helical piers function like giant screws until they reach a certain torque as designated in our structural plans. This strategy stops further movement by your foundation.

Slab homes are not common in Denver, but barns and garages may have a slab foundation. These often experience rising and heaving in the Denver area, and we can use a process called "slabjacking" to stabilize the foundation and fill in any gaps below the surface. In this technique, our structural contractors will drill through the concrete slab and pour a mixture of cement and soil.

Underpinning, another common method, requires the use of supports (often concrete or steel) to deepen the foundation and stretch it wider, thus relieving pressure on the walls. Wall anchors can be used to pull foundation walls back into form, but wall bracing may also suffice if there is not room around your home for anchors.

From micropiles to tiebacks, shoring and structural floor systems, we can restore the integrity of your home.

The Value of an Experienced Structural Engineer

Whether you are inspecting a house prior to buying it or assessing the condition of your current home, the value of a structural engineer cannot be understated. Arise Construction's structural engineer will examine the problem, draw up specific plans for our team to pursue, and inspect the project after the completion of each phase. The engineer is the expert who ensures your house is safe and your foundation will hold.

Prepare For Wall Removals and Other Renovations With Structural Engineers in Denver

If you are planning a home remodel in Denver, please give us a call. We work with highly experienced structural engineers to calculate project measurements and ensure a safe and effective project. For instance, if you wish to remove walls and open up your floor plan, we may need to inspect and shore up your house frame to accommodate. The same applies to new roofing materials -- if you wish to add clay tiles, for example, we will need to add reinforcements.

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If you have any structural or foundational concerns whatsoever, please get in touch. We would be happy to speak with you, provide recommendations, and if necessary, fix your foundation or frame. We help customers in Glendale, Sound Denver, Park Hill, and the surrounding areas like Lakewood, Aurora and beyond.

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