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Structural + Foundation Repair in Thornton, CO

If you live in or near Thornton, CO, make Arise Constructions & Remodels your contractor for foundation repairs and other structural work. We have years of experience working with concrete structures and home support systems, and our team of structural engineers inspects each step of the project. When mustiness creeps into your home, you notice cracks or warps, or if you have standing water in your basement, there might be cause for concern - get in touch as soon as possible. We'll send you a free quote, and your home will be safe and livable once again.

How We Help Homeowners Sleep Better at Night

Quick and Thorough Foundation Inspections

After you've called us or sent pictures or a video, we will schedule a time to inspect the problem. We'll look at the foundation, look for drainage or ventilation issues, examine the grading around your home, and take into account your home's framing or any shifts or erosion in the soil. Our structural engineers will also run calculations on the load bearing capacity of the current beams, joists, piles, and other structural elements of your foundation. Once that is done, we'll send you a transparent and fair quote. We never "oversell" work that you don't need; some homes need significant bracing or underpinning, while a new downspout system or drain will do just fine for others.

Involvement By Our Structural Engineers

As mentioned above, our quotes, methods, and projects are overseen by experienced structural engineers. They use modern software and their own expertise to identify red flags, and because of that insight, we know which method we need to employ to reinforce or fix your foundation. Furthermore, they inspect each project along the way and at completion -- we will never deliver a finished product that doesn't fix the home's structural issues.

Get a Fair and Honest Foundation Repair Quote in Thornton

If you simply need a french drain or new gutter system installed, we'll let you know. Or if we can relieve the pressure on your foundation walls with a relatively quick grading job around your home, we will be perfectly honest. We only pour new concrete or install braces and piers when your home's safety and structural integrity depend on it.

What To Expect: Foundation Repair Strategies

We help homeowners with all sorts of foundations, and different foundations require different solutions. Whether you have a typical modern home with a basement, a crawlspace foundation, a slab (very rare in Colorado), or pier and beam piling, we can restore its integrity.

Bracing the Foundation Walls

Perhaps we need to add wooden beams to the basement or foundation wall, or maybe you would benefit from steel I-beams. Sometimes a foundation even requires carbon fiber straps that can be bound to the foundation wall.

In a pier and beam foundation, we may simply be able to replace some old wood or add shims that will level out the foundation structure.

The Use of Push Piles, Helical Piers, and Other Methods

Helical piers are not nearly as common, but they are necessary in select cases. These are attached to the foundation wall, anchored in the earth surrounding the founding, and pull outwards to provide additional support. Mini piles may be necessary on a smaller lot, and we would drill vertical piles directly into the ground below the home to provide more support. Some homes are built on concrete piles, and we may be able to isolate single piles and repair them.

Underpinning sometimes comes into play. In these cases, we pour new concrete, in layers, below and around the foundation to make it stronger. This is common when a vertical addition is being added to a home. A single concrete beam ("beam and base" strategy) may also do the trick.

Water Removal and Drainage

If your foundation is ok for the time being, but pressure from water in the ground threatens its strength, we can mitigate the effects of that water. We may need to grade the land around your home, install a better gutter system with extensions away from your home, or build a drainage and ventilation system below the foundation floor.

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We help folks in Thornton, Northglenn, Welby, Sherrelwood, Derby, Henderson, and all of the surrounding areas in Colorado. We most often provide foundation repair in Denver, but we are more than happy to drive up highway 25 and make your home a safer and more livable place. Send us pictures or a video of your structural concerns, or simply give us a call. We also offer foundation repair in Lakewood and home foundation repair in Boulder, CO.

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