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Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor in Parker, CO

Are you trying to create an open floor plan, make room for a bump-out addition, or accomplish something else by removing a load bearing wall? We've helped dozens of homeowners in the Parker area with structural wall removals, and we would be happy to work with you. We can remove a wall for you as part of a large home remodeling project or as a one-time job, and if you have any questions, please give us a call or fill out our form. We will provide a complimentary consultation and quote on the project.

Can You Remove a Load Bearing Wall as a DIY Project?

You can remove an interior wall in your home, but should you try it? Absolutely not. Removing a load-bearing wall is not typically recommended as a DIY project due to the complex structural implications and safety risks involved. Such a project requires a deep understanding of structural engineering principles to accurately assess the load the wall supports and to design an appropriate replacement support system, such as steel I-beams or laminated veneer lumber beams, capable of redistributing the weight across the span of the opening.

Furthermore, precise calculations are necessary to ensure the new support does not compromise the home's structural integrity. This process involves navigating building codes, obtaining permits, and installing temporary shoring, which must be set in place to support the structure during the removal. Given the technical skills, specialized tools, and safety considerations required---ranging from potential damage to the house structure to personal injury---we recommend leaving this project to experienced load bearing wall removal contractors in Parker, CO.

Our Structural Engineers Guide Each Step of the Process

Our structural engineering team ensures the safety and success of each interior wall removal project. First, they assess the load-bearing responsibilities of the wall in question, analyzing the structure to understand how its removal will impact the overall stability of your home. With that information in hand, we then draw detailed plans, outlining the necessary steps for safely dismantling the wall. This includes the design and placement of temporary shoring to support the structure during demolition, preventing any unintended shifts or collapses. Once the original wall is gone, we carefully engineer a new support system, whether it be steel beams, LVL beams, or another suitable solution -- we'll work with you to identify materials and designs that fit your budget and design goals. Each phase of the project, from initial assessment to the final inspection, is carefully inspected by our engineers.

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