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Structural + Foundation Repair in Littleton, CO

Whether you live near the historic downtown section of Littleton or further south near the Carson Nature Center, call Arise Constructions & Remodels for foundation repair and concrete work. We've helped hundreds of homeowners fix moisture problems, fill cracked foundation walls, and stabilize structurally unsound houses in and around Littleton.

It takes just moments for you to either call us or send us pictures and/or videos of your structural issues in our communication portal. Once we have your information, we will inspect the job site and provide a complimentary quote for you to review. From bracing and concrete work to french drain installation, we can help make your home more secure.

Delayed Foundation Work Can Have Dire Consequences

"Minor" Moisture Issues Don't Stay Minor For Long

Littleton may not receive much rain, but snowfall can hurt your foundation too. Water seeps into the soil surrounding your home, and when it re-freezes, the expansion can put pressure on your foundation walls. Then in the spring, the water is released -- this may add extra strain on your foundation, cause leaks and cracks, or lead to mustiness and mold.

That said, if you have noticed leaking or dampness in your basement, give us a call. At this point, the fixes are still relatively simple; we may recommend a more effective gutter and downspout system, high quality extension, minor grading of the soil around your property, a french drain, or another drainage and ventilation system below your foundation. If you have a crack in your foundation leading to leaks, we can sometimes utilize a simple epoxy injection fix if the wall is still structurally sound.

Ignoring dampness and mustiness can have consequences that are far more expensive to fix. Chronic stress from water may lead to warped and damaged walls, rotten beams and joists, soil erosion (causing shifting and sinking of the foundation), mold, mildew, and even attract pests. If you have the opportunity to fix your water problem before it gets out of hand, we strongly recommend doing so.

Bowed and Warped Walls May Become Dangerous or Lead to HVAC Issues

If your foundation has shifted to the point where the walls, floors or ceilings are warped or cracked, it may be time for more aggressive measures. A foundation with significant cracks or warps could be dangerous, and ceilings that dip are another sign that you have real damage. Doors may swing open on their own, drafts and window problems may cause HVAC inefficiencies, and more.

That said, cracks and warping can also occur due to poor framework on your house. We will carefully inspect all of the structural components of your home, and we won't start on a foundation project until we are sure that is the root cause of your home's symptoms.

Are Foundation Repairs in Littleton Always a Big Project?

No, foundation repairs or maintenance are not always a huge project. You may have caught the problem when simple drainage systems and a freshly graded property will fix the pressure on your foundation. There are also times when a couple of steel I-beams, wooden replacement joists, shimming on top of a concrete piering system, or carbon fiber strips on your foundation wall will do the job. We will be honest with you if we can restore your home's structural integrity with minor repairs.

But there are times when more advanced foundation work is required. We may need to deepen and expand your foundation by digging under and around the foundation, pouring new layers of concrete, and distributing the weight from your home more broadly (the "mass concrete" process). Or we may need to completely rebuild a concrete pier in a home with a pier and beam piling foundation. This would require us to add temporary supports while we pour new concrete.

There are also specialized situations where it becomes necessary to drive piles directly under the home into more solid earth to stabilize (or even lift) a home.

Whether your home needs simple moisture mitigation or more advanced underpinning fixes, we will give you a realistic picture of the work that needs to be done, and execute it professionally.

Let Us Keep Your Family Safe and Improve Your Home's Value

Experienced Structural Engineers Oversee the Whole Project

Our team of structural engineers are part of our initial inspection, they check our work after each stage is completed, and they give the final "ok" when we are finished. The knowledge and calculation of a skilled structural engineer will ensure the quality of the work, and you can sleep at night knowing that you are in a structurally safe house.

We've Helped Hundreds of People With Foundation Issues

From standard basement foundations to houses with crawl spaces or pier and beam piling foundations, we've helped many people with foundation repair in Denver, structural home repair in Centennial, and more. There are no foundation issues that we haven't seen or dealt with.

Stem Wall Repair in Littleton, CO

Colorado is well known for its expansive clay soil, and this natural phenomenon makes the integrity of your stem wall that much more important. In short, the "stem wall" is a concrete wall that extends above the ground and supports your home's weight. Over time, these walls can crack or crumble due to soil shifts, water damage, or natural aging, and this shifting compromises the building's stability. Repairing a stem wall typically involves removing the damaged sections and replacing them with new, stronger concrete, preferably a concrete with additives to improve its strength and resistance to moisture. We would also apply a waterproof coating and check for proper soil drainage around the foundation.

Crawl Space Issues

A moist and insecure crawl space can lead to rotting wood, pests, mold, musty smells, and more. In a worst-case scenario, your crawl space pier and beam foundation may be failing. Let our experts take a look and give you a free quote.

Crawl Space Moisture Problems

One effective solution for a wet crawl space is the installation of a vapor barrier. This involves laying a thick, durable plastic sheet across the floor and walls of the crawl space to block moisture from the ground and walls. This will reduce humidity levels, prevent mold growth, and protect the home's structural elements. We may also suggest a fan system for your crawl space, some of which can be triggered to run when humidity levels reach a certain point.

We can also use other methods discussed on this page, like sump pumps, french drains, soil grading around the home, and so forth.

Failure of the Crawl Space Foundation

Pier and beam failure in the crawlspace foundation can happen when the soil shifts, or when moisture causes piers and other supports to settle or heave at uneven rates. This may manifest itself in drywall cracks, bowing floors, doors that won't close, or other more severe issues.

We can always replace old wooden beams, brick or concrete piles, or other structural elements that will last longer and support your home. For instance, we can add new adjustable steel columns that weren't available when your home was first built. We can also pour a new concrete base for your home to add long term stability. Helical piers or micropiles, complete with concrete caps, are also an option -- see below for more details.

If something relatively minor, like creaking or slightly sagging wood floors, is your main concern, we may be able to fix the problem by "sistering" the floor joists. In this case, we simply double-up the joists to provide more support.

Helical Piers, Micropiles, and Push Piers

Helical Pier Installation in Littleton

For deep foundations, or sites where traditional excavation around the foundation isn't practical helical piers may be a good fit. They are basically steel beams with helix blades -- a big screw. We can drive these into the soil beneath your home (or outside the foundation wall to pull it outwards) using hydraulic equipment, and it can often be completed within a week. These piers also work if you are trying to stabilize a deck, since they are suitable both in tension and compression.

Micropile Installation To Stabilize Your Home

Micropiles are essentially narrow, long rods used to strengthen or support the foundation of a building. They are like sturdy underground pillars, small in diameter, that go deep into the earth. To make them, workers drill a hole deep into the ground and fill it with a special mixture (grout) for stability. Inside this mixture, they place a strong steel rod for extra support. The outer layer of these piles is also encased in steel for added strength. What makes micropiles really useful is that they can be used in different types of ground. For example, in solid ground, they're installed directly into drilled holes. In less stable soils, they're protected with a special casing to keep the hole from collapsing. In loose, grainy soils, like sand, they use a method where they drill and fill the hole with the stabilizing mixture at the same time.

This flexibility makes micropiles a very popular choice to reinforcing existing structures, particularly in older buildings. We won't need large access points to support your home, and we can work around various soil conditions.

Push Piers Driven Below Your Home

Push piers are long, tubular steel sections connected together and driven deep into the soil beneath a foundation until they reach stable strata. The weight of your home is then transferred onto these piers, thereby stabilizing the foundation. Installation involves positioning a bracket at the foundation's base and then hydraulically driving the piers into the ground. This method is minimally invasive, and we won't necessarily need to disrupt the land around your home as much as some other methods.

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