Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor Lakewood, CO

Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor in Lakewood

From a traditional "great room" feel to contemporary layouts and home additions, wall removal projects are common for homeowners. But they aren't easy.

You need an expert to determine if a wall is load bearing, you'll need to set up a temporary support wall during the demolition process, then the home will need a new support system to support the roof, like a flush beam, beam and post system, vertical beam made of steel or laminated vertical lumber (LVL), or something else.

That's where our load bearing wall removal contractors in Lakewood, CO come in. Our structural engineers will inspect the project and draw detailed plans, and our experienced contractors will handle the removal of the wall and installation of a new support system.

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Our Structural Engineers Start the Process

You should never remove a load bearing wall, or any wall for that matter, without plans from a licensed structural engineer. The engineer will review the building's original architectural plans if possible, perform a thorough inspection of your home's structure and foundation, and draw specific plans for the removal, new support system (like a flush beam), and the installation process. Furthermore, these detailed plans will be submitted to the city of Lakewood for an easy permit process.

When our contractors demolish the existing wall and create a new support system, they will carefully follow each detail of the engineer's plan. This includes what type of horizontal or vertical beam to use (wood vs. steel for instance), how many 2x4s should be used as support, where to place the screws, which joists can be cut, and more.

What Happens Before We Remove Your Load Bearing Wall

Wall Removal Projects Require Careful Preparation

It's not as simple as pulling out crowbars and tearing down an interior wall in your home.

We start by removing the stucco or drywall and materials inside the wall, like wires, ducts, and insulation. But the frame of the actual wall must stay for the time being. We will also cut drywall away from the ceiling where the new support beams will go.

We then build and install a temporary wall (or "shoring wall") that can support your roof and ceiling in the interim. This is not just a flimsy temporary piece of lumber -- we have to build a real, structurally sound wall frame that will keep your home stable.

At This Point, the Previous Wall Comes Down

Then it comes time to remove the bones of the existing structure that you no longer want. The ceiling is supported by the shoring wall, so we are free to cut down the lumber from the wall you wish to remove. We carefully plan our projects so that we minimize wood waste.

Furthermore, while removing the old wall, our Lakewood wall removal contractors will look for issues with the structural integrity of your home. If there are rotting ceiling joists, bowing beams, or other issues, this is the best time to get those problems fixed.

Installing Your New Structural System

When a load bearing wall is removed, its structural responsibilities must be passed to a new system. We can install flush beams that keep your view wide open, a Post and Beam system that keeps the floorplan wide open, or even vertical beams of steel if you want an industrial chic feel in your home. Oftentimes, we can be flexible with the look of the open floor plan, and our structural engineering team can design a custom support solution for you.

At this point, we'll tear down the temporary support wall and be out of your way.

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