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Structural + Foundation Repair in Highlands Ranch

Are you noticing warped walls, bowed floors, mustiness, standing water, or other red flags in your home? Our foundation repair experts in Highlands Ranch can quickly provide an inspection, analysis by a structural engineer, and fair quote for your review.

We've helped dozens of homeowners in the greater Denver area stabilize their homes. From foundation waterproofing to bracing and piering systems, we provide the best service at a fair price. Simply send us a message through our contact portal with images or video of what you see, or give us a call. We'll schedule an inspection for you as soon as possible.

We Have Years of Experience Doing Structural Work

Regular Oversight By Our Structural Engineers

Every step of the process, from the inspection to the final touches on your foundation repair, are overseen by an experienced structural engineer. We analyze the load bearing capability of your current materials, run calculations on your home, and decide on the best methods and materials based on analytics and research. Engineers will inspect our work during the job and upon completion.

Workers With Integrity and Experience

We've been fixing foundations, installing drainage systems, and working with concrete structures for years, and each of our team members has a tremendous amount of experience. From basement foundations to crawl space foundations and pier and beam piling systems, we've seen it all and can help make your home safe and comfortable as quickly as possible.

Don't Let Moisture Ruin Your Home's Foundation

Concrete and Wood Can Only Withstand So Much Pressure

Whether your home is built on an older wooden foundation or stands atop concrete columns (piers), it can only withstand a certain amount of hydrostatic pressure. Water in the ground freezes during the winter and expands, adding pressure to your foundation's walls. Then, when it melts, it will add further pressure if it is not correctly directed away from the home. If you notice flooding in your basement, "sweaty" concrete, or a consistent musty smell, your foundation may be under duress.

The good news is that you may not need to fix the foundation itself. We may be able to install a french drain, other drainage and ventilation system, sump pump, or better gutters and downspouts (ideally with extensions) that will fix the problem. We sometimes need to grade the land around your home as space allows -- ideally, you would have a six inch dropoff from the wall of the foundation within ten feet of your home.

Waterproofing Your Basement in Highlands Ranch, CO

If you want to eventually finish your basement -- either setting it up as a storage or workout area, or add bedrooms or a media room, for instance -- you should consider waterproofing it. This is a multi-step process that begins with a thorough assessment of existing issues.

Before we start waterproofing the basement itself, we will address cracks, structural damage, or other issues with the actual materials. We will then make sure that the soil is graded around your home, and that proper French drains or sump pumps are installed as necessary.

Once external water is no longer a concern, we can proceed by applying a waterproof sealant on the interior of your foundation walls. For more extreme protection from water, we can excavate around the exterior of the home and apply waterproofing sealant on the outside.

It's crucial to address any pre-existing structural damage like cracks in the walls or floors. Also, any sources of external water leakage, such as poor drainage or gutter problems, need to be rectified to ensure the effectiveness of the waterproofing.

Crawl Space Repairs

Over a decade ago, RDS Environmental reported that about 11% of homes in mountain states had crawl space foundations. Basements are far more common in Colorado, but crawl spaces do exist. Homeowners often need to address standing water, high humidity, and the resulting rotten wood and mold associated with that moisture. We can fix this for you by implementing waterproofing, ventilation, and proper drainage.

On the other hand, if you have failures in an old pier and beam foundation within your crawl space, give us a call. We can restore the structural integrity of your home by installing new durable steel columns or even micropiles - we have many strategies we can employ if you have started to notice the effects of foundation failure.

Underpinning Foundation Repair

While not a very common method for stabilizing a home, underpinning is necessary from time to time. This method requires the foundation repair company to excavate below or around the foundation, pour new concrete or add steel, and counteract the effects of soil erosion and foundation settling. This can be a disruptive process; it may require you to plant new grass or plants, and it can take longer than less invasive methods.

Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting, a specialized technique used in foundation repair to stabilize and lift settling structures, requires the contractor to inject a thick grout mixture into the soil beneath the foundation. This grout displaces and compacts loose, weak soil to create a supportive mass. Among other advantages, compaction grouting minimizes disturbance to the property, and it's suitability for a range of soil types. However, compaction grouting requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Can Wall Anchors Fix Your Foundation?

Yes, wall anchors are a common solution for stabilizing and straightening bowing or cracked foundation walls. This method involves installing metal plates on both the interior and exterior sides of the affected wall, connected by a steel rod that passes through the wall itself. The exterior plates are anchored in stable soil away from the foundation, and by tightening the rods, the contractors can gradually pull the wall back to its original position.

Relatively Minor Issues Can Lead To Huge Foundation Repair Jobs

Ignoring leaks or dampness can cause mold, invite pests, rot the wooden beams in your foundation, and cause other issues. In severe cases, pressure from water may cause your foundation to crack. Upgrading your drainage and venting systems may be enough to hold your foundation at bay, and that is far cheaper than pouring new concrete and installing new helical piers or piles.

More Aggressive Foundation Repairs in Highlands Park

Pouring Concrete or Adding Bracing

If your foundation would benefit from extra support, or if you are building a vertical addition on your home, we may want to pursue the traditional mass concrete foundation strategy. In this method, we would excavate below and around your foundation, pour more concrete in subsequent layers, and strengthen your foundation. The Beam and Base strategy requires us to pour a single, sturdy concrete beam either below or above the current foundation -- the weight of your home would then rest on this beam.

Bracing is a more common fix. We can either add additional wood or steel i-beams to your foundation, or even replace faulty or rotten beams and joists (yet another side effect of too much water). In certain circumstances, carbon fiber strips can be bound to your foundation walls, and they increase the strength of those walls.

Will You Need Push Piles or Piers?

Helical piers are not very common, but in select cases, helical piers may need to be "screwed" into the earth below your home to support the weight, or tie-back piers may be drilled into the ground around your home and attached to the foundation walls. Mini piles will sometimes help support your foundation if we do not have room to pour new concrete around the existing structure.

Additionally, if your home was built on a concrete pier system, we may be able to isolate the faulty pier and fix it without touching the other ones.

There are also outlying cases where repair specialists may need to inject grout into the ground below the foundation to stabilize the ground. This comes into play in mixed soil conditions or when erosion occurs. When cracks do occur, there are instances where we only need to inject epoxy to fix the concrete - this is a quick and relatively simple process.

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