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Load Bearing Wall Removal in Golden, CO

Removing a load bearing wall is an effective and stylish way to change the landscape of your home. By removing a wall, you open up living space for more activities, encourage air flow, and create more connectedness throughout the house. This new open air concept also encourages better natural lighting through major sections of your house.

Though removing a wall is a great remodeling idea, it is not a project you want to rush into without proper advice. At Arise Construction and Remodels, our contractors are always willing to take a look at whatever project you have on your mind, and our highly qualified structural engineers are more than capable of offering excellent consultations for any wall removal job.

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Preparation for Wall Removal

Assess The Structure

Before beginning construction, it is important to assess the load bearing walls of the house. Our structural engineers will look around the house and see which walls are load bearing, and they will determine a course of action based on how many load bearing walls there are and where they are located. Location is important because once one load bearing wall is removed, the weight of the whole house is shifted, and the balance is off. Plan your temporary supports strategically. Temporary such as temporary walls, adjustable steel posts, or hydraulic jacks can all help in balancing and redistributing the weight of the house after a load bearing wall is removed. 

Obtain Permits

Proper permits are necessary for removing a load bearing wall, but we take care of all the planning and permits needed to get the job done. Here at Arise Construction, we work hand-in-hand with the city to abide by all the rules and regulations. We assess the job. We draw up the plans. And we consult and work with the authorities to make sure the job is done effectively and safely. No step can be skipped or overlooked to ensure that your house is safe and properly cared for. 

The Process of Wall Removal

With a plan in place and the permits taken care of, our contractors are ready to begin removing the load bearing wall. This process however is not as straight-forward as simply removing the wall. 

Setting up Temporary Supports

Taking out a load bearing wall will leave a structural void. This void will create new areas of stress that can cause cracks in walls, ceilings to cave in, and instability in the foundation.

To avoid these problems, our contractors implement temporary supports even before removing the wall. Properly applying these supports means putting them in evenly so that the weight is distributed comfortably across the distance where the wall had been. If the supports are not put in evenly, we run the risk of lop-sided weight that can lead to cracked walls and an uneven floor.

The next step after demolition is reinforcing the supports that were applied before demolition. This step involves placing steel beams across the base of the wall or adding an adjustable steel post to prop up existing permanent supports. 

Different Types of Temporary Wall Supports

Temporary Walls

Temporary walls are erected to provide support during the removal of a load-bearing wall. These walls are typically constructed using lumber or metal studs and are strategically positioned to distribute the weight of the structure.

Adjustable Steel Posts

 Also known as jack posts, adjustable steel posts are used to provide temporary support during the wall removal process. These posts can be adjusted to the desired height and securely positioned to bear the weight of the structure.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are hydraulic tools used to lift heavy loads. In the context of removing a load-bearing wall, hydraulic jacks can be used to raise and support sections of the structure while the wall is being removed, providing additional stability and control during the demolition process.

Temporary Lateral Bracing

Temporary lateral bracing may be installed to provide stability to the structure during wall removal. These braces help prevent lateral movement and ensure that the structure remains stable throughout the demolition process.

Temporary Beams

Temporary beams may be installed to provide support for sections of the structure that were previously supported by the load-bearing wall. These beams are typically installed parallel to the wall being removed and are secured in place using temporary support posts or other methods.

Shoring Systems

Shoring systems consist of heavy-duty supports designed to temporarily support loads during construction or renovation projects. These systems may include hydraulic or mechanical shoring towers, shoring frames, or shoring jacks, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

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