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Structural + Foundation Repair in Denver

If you are dealing with bowing foundation walls, pooling water in the basement, doors that no longer close, or other red flags in your home, call our foundation repair contractors in Denver as soon as possible. We can inspect your home, analyze the symptoms, get an expert opinion from our structural engineers, and provide options within your budget and time frame. From simple water mitigation to bracing and piling, we are the leading home structural repair firm in Denver.

We have been in business since 2015, and we've helped countless homeowners like you improve home value, fix moisture problems, and restore structural integrity. All you need to do is fill out our form and send us a video or image to review, if desired.

When is it Time For Foundation Repairs in Denver?

This is far from an exhaustive list of the symptoms of foundation problems, but it's a good starting point. If you're a homeowner in Denver and think you may have structural issues, please get in touch, send us pictures, or simply ask us any questions you have.

Cracked or Bowing Walls and Ceilings

There are a number of warning signs related to your home's foundation. Obvious signs would include bowing or cracks in your foundation wall itself -- some cracks may be simply cosmetic, while others may indicate significant structural problems and the impending in-flow of water. Bowing floors or warped walls in the first or second floor of your home may also be a sign that significant settling has occurred.

Doors and Windows No Longer Functioning

Have you ever visited an old house, and none of the doors seem to close or latch properly? That is most likely because the foundation has settled or shifted. The same applies to windows.

To be fair, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are in danger at your home. The home may still be structurally sound, and foundation settling is natural over a period of time. In fact, many handymen in the Denver area are busy sanding down and refitting doors that no longer close because of foundational shifts. But if you want to ensure the longevity of your home and fix foundational problems before they get out of hand, give us a call.

Widening Gaps Throughout the Home

If you have floorboards separating from your wall, crown molding separating from the ceiling, gaps under your doors that continue to grow, or window frames pulling from the wall, you are seeing the symptoms of foundational shifting and/or sinking. These may seem like minor nuisances, but it's in your best interest to fix the problems before they get out of hand.

Water and Mustiness in the Basement

Basements will naturally have more moisture than the rest of your home, but you need to keep this at bay. If your concrete floor or wall in the basement is "sweating" water, if you have puddles after every storm, or if you smell significant mustiness, you need to get this addressed. We will discuss in greater detail below, but it's a meaningful concern that you should not ignore.

You May Simply Need Water Mitigation

The good news for many Denver homeowners is that we may not need to dig up your lawn, drive piles beneath your home, or reframe portions of your house. We may be able to help you with some relatively simple drainage solutions.

Firstly, we'll want to make sure the soil is graded properly around your home. We will measure the grade, look for areas of water runoff located dangerously close to your foundation wall, and give you a cost quote on regrading your property away from the home and digging minor swales that can help pull water from the home. We may also recommend the installation of a french drain system around your home to further decrease water issues.

Then we will look inside the basement. We can install a drain in the basement floor, install fans to keep crawl spaces dry, install a sump pump, and even add water-resistance material or paint to your foundation wall.

A third angle is the inspection of your gutters and downspouts. If your gutters are not sufficient for the amount of rainfall, or if your downspouts don't pull water far enough away from the foundation, you are inviting problems.

Is It Worth Fixing the Foundation of Your House in Denver?

Foundation Issues Cause Other Problems

As mentioned above, foundation issues cause minor problems that impact your daily life. Doors and windows will cease to function well, leading to a lack of privacy (bathroom doors that don't close) and poor HVAC efficiency. Floors may bow, causing bookshelves to be unstable, molding to separate, and other issues.

The moisture caused by a leaky foundation is perhaps the biggest concern. This moisture will grow mold and mildew, make your home smell bad, invite bugs and other pests, rot wood, and cause other problems.

When lumped together, the cost to address all of the problems listed above far outweighs the relatively minor cost of professional water mitigation or small foundation repairs.

Is Your House Safe To Live In?

Generally speaking, a home with foundational settling is safe to live in. Nearly every house will settle over time, and you don't see stories about houses collapsing very often. But if you see significant cracks, if your walls and ceiling are bowing or dipping significantly, or if you see a sag in your roof, call us right away. Either your foundation or your framing is deficient, and you may need to make repairs for the sake of your safety.

Seeking To Add Additions or Pop the Top?

You may be able to live with some foundational issues in your current home, but if you want to add an addition or pop the top on your home, you will need to address the foundation imperfections. You won't be able to get a permit from the city of Denver without the signoff of a structural engineer, and an engineer will not approve plans that lead to structural issues.

What Type of Foundation Repair is Best For Your Home?

As discussed above, water mitigation may be your biggest need. If so, we can handle that fairly quickly, and you'll be prepared for the next rainstorm, snow melt, or runoff. But if you need more technical work, we can handle that as well.

If your foundation wall is struggling to hold up against hydrostatic pressure (water pushing in on the walls), we can employ ultra-strong carbon fiber strips or wall bracing techniques. These are fairly non-invasive, and we won't need to excavate around your house. We can also support your foundation wall with tie-back piers -- with these, we anchor the pier into the earth around your home and pull the foundation walls outward.

In more advanced instances, we may need to drive steel piles through the foundation floor, reach bedrock or load-bearing soil, and lift the house upwards with hydraulics. This will lift and stabilize your home. While rare, helical piers (giant screws) can also be effective when driven into the ground below your home.

If you have a crawl space foundation, we may be able to add new piles, introduce an updated pier and beam foundation system, or other method of reinforcing your foundation without starting from scratch.

We will do our best to find the most cost-effective and non-invasive method for you, and we'll be upfront about your options and pricing.

Basement and Foundation Crack Repair in Denver

Foundation Crack Repair in Denver

Have you noticed cracks in your basement walls? Hairline cracks are not uncommon, and they may not indicate any significant structural damage. They can lead to leaks and other problems, but your house won't fall down. Horizontal cracks in your basement wall may indicate significant hydrostatic pressure, or pressure from the expansive soil around your home. If the pressure is greater than the wall can take, you need to reinforce the wall as soon as possible. Vertical and diagonal cracks in the basement are usually caused by settling -- our structural engineers can take a look and let you know if the cracks indicate structural problems.

At best, we can use epoxy or polyurethane injections to fill the smaller cracks and seal the basement against water. If more significant measures are needed, we may need to brace the walls, add carbon fiber strips for more support, or in drastic situations, anchor the walls to exterior helical piers, or underpin the foundation.

Basement Repair

If your home has experienced settling or interior water and humidity, there are probably issues we need to address. This becomes more important if you want to finish your basement. We can replace rotten wood beams and joists that have deteriorated due to insects and moisture, pour a new foundation floor if necessary, and even fix your drywall and aesthetics in the basement. Our contractors and structural engineers can also help you move structural elements, like a load bearing wall, if you would like to change your floor plan.

Basement Waterproofing and Leak Repair

We've fixed leaks in hundreds of basements in the Greater Denver area. In fact, many of the calls we get for foundation repair could have been avoided if the homeowner had fixed the water problem. We covered this subject in detail above, but if you have leaks, call us as soon as possible. We may need to only add epoxy to cracks, grade your soil, or install a pump. In dramatic cases, we may need to excavate around the home and add a waterproof barrier to your foundation. There are other methods as well -- call us to learn more.

Foundation Stem Wall Repair in Denver

The stem wall connects your basement to the main structure of the house, and its health is critical for your home's structural integrity. If you have a basement or crawlspace, you can see your stem wall from the outside of your home, and if there are visible cracks, flaking concrete, spalling, efflorescence or other issues, give us a call.

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