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Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor in Centennial, CO

Do you need help knocking down an interior wall? Whether you are remodeling your home, building an addition, or simply opening up your floor plan, tread lightly when tearing down walls. The project may look harmless, but you need to make sure the wall is not a supporting wall before you get to work.

As the best wall removal contractors in Centennial, CO, we help homeowners and commercial building managers with wall removals and other home remodeling projects every day. We will carefully assess whether or not the wall is load bearing, our engineers will draw up plans and pull permits as necessary, and we'll set up a temporary support structure while we remove the existing wall. Finally, we'll replace the structural wall with a new beam or other support system so your home remains safe, even with the open floor plan.

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The Load Bearing Wall Removal Process

The demolition of a structural wall is a tricky process that requires extensive knowledge of structural integrity, an understanding of your home's architecture, and careful demolition work. As the local experts, we have you covered. Here's some more information about the process.

Our Engineers Assess the Wall's Structural Load

The first step in our process involves a thorough assessment by our skilled engineers. We determine the wall's role in your home's structure, and figure out how it distributes weight from the roof, upper floors, or other structural elements to the foundation. This is important for planning the removal without compromising the building's integrity. We use advanced tools and draw from years of experience, and our engineers pinpoint the exact load the wall bears to tee up the wall removal and demolition project for our contractors.

We Draw Up Plans and Pull Permits as Necessary

With a clear understanding of the structural load, we proceed to design a detailed plan for removing the wall. This plan not only includes the step-by-step process of removal but also outlines the specifications for the new support system that will replace the load-bearing wall. We handle all aspects of obtaining the necessary permits for the work, ensuring that our project complies with local building codes and regulations. You can't skip this step if you want to be within code and remain safe in your home.

We Set Up a Temporary Support Structure

Before any demolition begins, we prioritize the safety of your home by installing a temporary support structure. This step is necessary to maintain your home's structural integrity and prevent any potential damage during the removal process. Our team uses sturdy, reliable materials to construct a temporary support system that effectively bears the load previously supported by the wall. It's a minor construction project in of itself, but we are able to do it quickly and within budget.

We Install a New Support System

After safely removing the load-bearing wall, we proceed to install a new support system designed to bear the structural load efficiently. Depending on the assessment and your home's specific needs, this might include installing a beam, a post-and-lintel system, or a combination of these. For example, we might install a flush beam hidden within the ceiling, offering uninterrupted sightlines. In other cases, a nice exposed beam can add character to the open space. Regardless of the method, our primary focus is to ensure the new support system provides the necessary structural integrity while meeting your aesthetic preferences.

Removal of the Temporary Support and Clean-Up

With the new support system securely in place, we carefully dismantle the temporary supports. This final step marks the completion of the structural work, but our job isn't finished yet. We proceed with a thorough cleanup of the site, removing debris, dust, and any remnants of the construction process. Our goal is to leave you with a beautifully open floor plan that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your home. The removal of a load-bearing wall can significantly enhance the flow, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your living space, and we take pride in delivering these transformative results.

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