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If you have standing water in your yard, flooding in your basement, or wood rot, pests, or other issues related to water damage, call Arise Constructions and Remodels for a complimentary quote. We help homeowners with drainage and soil grading in Boulder and the surrounding areas, and we would love to put our expertise to work for you. From Boulder foundation repair to full custom home builds and sump pumps, we've been the preferred local contractor since 2015.

Standing Water and Bad Drainage Cause Many, Many Problems

If you're looking for a yard drainage contractor, you already know you need to fix the problem. But here's a quick overview of a few issues associated with water on your property.

Standing water in your yard looks bad, attracts mosquitoes and other bugs, and holds sections of your property hostage. You made a significant investment in your property, and it can be frustrating if your kids can't even play outside.

Water can also lead to soil erosion and damage to your landscaping. Perhaps most concerning is the potential for hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. When water accumulates around your foundation, it exerts pressure against the walls, increasing the risk of cracks and structural damage. This pressure, known as hydrostatic pressure, can eventually lead to water infiltration into your basement, resulting in costly water damage and mold growth.

Additionally, poor drainage can cause water to seep into crawl spaces, causing moisture-related issues and compromising the stability of your home's foundation. To mitigate these problems, it's crucial to address drainage issues soon through proper grading, installation of drainage systems such as French drains or footing drains, and regular maintenance. We'll discuss these tactics in greater detail below.

How Our Water Drainage Contractors in Boulder Can Help

French Drain Installation

Standing water in your yard and moisture infiltration in the basement can be addressed with French drains. These drainage systems consist of perforated pipes buried underground, surrounded by gravel or rock. During installation, we dig trenches to redirect water away from problem areas, such as the base of the foundation or low-lying sections of the yard. The perforated pipes allow water to enter and flow freely, while the gravel or rock acts as a filter to prevent clogging. This way, we are able to move excess water away from your property, and it alleviates hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. This pressure, if allowed to continue over time, can cause cracks in the foundation and cause moisture-related problems (like mold and mildew) in your basement.

Footing Drain Installation in Boulder

Foundation, or "footing" drains are Installed at the base of the foundation. These drains stop groundwater before it can accumulate around the perimeter of the home. If we are able to access the ground around your home, this process is usually fairly quick and cost effective, and it will solve many water-related issues around your house. Again, you do not want to have standing water in your yard that can place pressure on your foundation.

Grading The Soil Around Your Home

Call us to grade the soil around your home or in your yard -- this can fix your water accumulation problem in both your yard and basement. By creating a gentle slope away from the house, homeowners can make sure that rainwater and melting snow naturally flow away from the structure, reducing the risk of moisture-related issues. Proper grading involves adjusting the landscape to achieve a slope of at least six inches over the first ten feet from the foundation.

This slope prevents water from pooling near the foundation walls, where it could seep through cracks or porous materials, leading to damp basements and compromised structural integrity. In addition to safeguarding the home's foundation, effective soil grading in the yard helps us remove soggy areas and standing water that can attract pests and encourage mold growth. Overall, we can help you improve your lifestyle and the value of your home.

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Whether you live near Wonderland Lake, Frasier Meadows, or elsewhere in the area, call our Boulder yard drainage contractors for a free quote. We'll fix issues with pooling water, soil erosion, moisture in your basement, and more. We also handle full home remodels in the area, and we can install brand new gutters and downspouts to further mitigate water issues. For all of your home-related needs, send us an email or give us a call.

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