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If neglected, ponding or flowing water in your yard can lead to significant problems. From hydrostatic pressure against your foundation to mildew, mosquitoes, or simply the loss of a play area for your kids, water problems hurt your lifestyle and diminish your home's value.

Arise Constructions and Remodels has been helping folks with yard drainage and soil grading in Aurora since 2015, and we would loveĀ  to offer a complimentary quote. We can grade your soil, install better downspouts, install French drains or footing drains, build effective swales, and so much more. Send us an email or give us a call at your convenience.

What's the Big Deal With Standing Water?

Standing water in the yard creates many issues, both cosmetic and functional. It turns gardens into muddy messes, damages grass and plants, and becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Beyond the nuisance and potential health risks, standing water can seep into the foundation, causing hydrostatic pressure that leads to cracks and water intrusion into basements or crawl spaces.

How Do Our Contractors Address Standing Water?

Grading The Soil

Soil grading serves as the first line of defense against standing water. A properly graded yard directs water away from the home, ensuring that rainwater and melting snow do not pool near the foundation. We will typically aim for a slope that moves away from the house, usually a drop of six inches over the first ten feet, to guide water flow effectively. This gradient prevents water accumulation at the base of the home and mitigates the risk of foundation damage. Even if you are suffering from water accumulation in areas of your yard away from the home, we may be able to solve the issue with grading.

However, soil grading alone may not suffice in all situations. Upgrades in downspouts and gutters complement grading efforts by capturing roof runoff and directing it away from the home's foundation. There have been many times when our clients think they have a huge foundation issue on their hands, only for us to solve their problem with a cost-effective gutter and downspout installation.

French Drain Installation

In areas where surface water is a persistent problem, installing a French drain can offer a solution. This trench filled with gravel or rock contains a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from the home. French drains are particularly effective in areas with poor natural drainage or where landscapes create difficult water flow patterns. Don't worry - we won't direct water into your neighbor's property. We also take into account bordering properties, HOAs, and other local concerns.

Foundation, or "Footer" Drain Installation in Aurora, CO

Foundation drains, similar to French drains, are installed at the base of the foundation to relieve hydrostatic pressure and prevent water from entering basements or crawl spaces. These drains also carry water away from the home, safeguarding against moisture damage to the foundation. The combination of a foundation drain, grading in your yard, and French drain further away from the house can usually solve all of your drainage problems.

There are instances when sump pumps are necessary. We'll install the pump in the lowest part of a basement or crawl space (where water accumulates) and pump water out of your basement. Not every home needs a sump pump, but it's probably important if you plan to finish your basement.

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We are the leading experts on foundation repair in Aurora, load bearing wall removal in Aurora, and home remodeling in general. We can build you a custom home or simply fix the standing water issues in your yard. We've served the area since 2015, and whether you live in Aurora Highlands, Prides Crossing, or elsewhere in the Aurora area, we would be happy to visit your property and give you a prompt and reasonable quote.

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