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Structural + Foundation Repair in Aurora, CO

Structural problems and faults in your foundation can manifest in many different ways: mustiness, wavy floors, visible cracks, and significant flooding in your basement are just the start. If you sense a problem with your foundation, call our foundation repair contractors in Aurora right away. Every month that you put the problem off can lead to higher repair costs, further damage to seemingly unrelated parts of your home, and even danger for your family.

Whether you would like to fill out our form and upload a video of the problem or directly call us, we would be happy to help and arrange a consultation at the job site. Let us increase your home value and give you peace of mind today.

Procrastination Can Lead To Higher Costs and Unsafe Conditions

Structural issues sound daunting to most homeowners, and we can appreciate that sentiment. After all, this is the foundation of your home, not a few windows or slats of siding. But failing to confront the issue has severe consequences.

Firstly, you could be putting yourself, your family, or your tenants at risk. Critical conditions may include noticeable dips in the floor, visible cracks on the outside of your home, or significantly bowed ceilings and walls. These aren't cosmetic issues -- they are safety issues.

Second, you may incur higher costs in the future if you put the work off. Just think - every time it rains, the mustiness in your home may increase. Wood paneling or flooring in the basement may become ruined, baseboards may rot, infestations of insects may occur, and more. You may even need to replace sections of your roof if your foundation shifts far enough.

A third angle is that if your foundation walls are bowing or cracking, or if the foundation as a whole has sunk or shifted, more time means more damage. The more corrective measures our foundation repair experts in Aurora have to take, the more the project will cost. This may include more helical piers below your foundation, more bracing for the walls of the foundation, more push piles driven into the bedrock below your house, and so forth.

In short, do not wait if you suspect structural damage to your home. Give us a call or send us an email, and we will respond right away.

How Do You Know If Your Foundation Needs Work?

We touched on this above, but here is a bit more detail. What should you look for if you suspect foundation problems? Can these symptoms be confused with other less serious issues?

Dampness and Moisture

Concrete will naturally sweat, because it is porous in nature. This is natural, and not always a cause for concern. But if the moisture is persistent (and of course, if you have water pooling in the basement), there may be more pressure from water in the ground than your foundation can handle. Severe mustiness is a telltale sign of foundation failure, as is mold and mildew.

Visible Cracks in Your Foundation or Walls

This goes without saying, but if you see cracks in the cement in your basement, you may have foundation problems. These could start as hairline cracks that gradually expand, or you might see gaps between the drywall or baseboards in your basement and the floor. Cracks in your ceiling, walls, or house exterior could also indicate foundational shifty -- although in the inspection, we will also explore other, less serious causes.

Wavy Floors, Walls and Ceilings

Older homes sometimes have floors like a ship -- and this is probably because the foundation has shifted. Walls may bow, ceilings may dip, and if you notice any of these issues, you should call us right away.

Strategies For Foundation Repair in Aurora, CO

Our Structural Engineers Inspect the Problem and Create a Strategy

The structural engineer is the captain of the project. Our team will carefully inspect the foundation, take tests, inspect the rest of your home, and calculate various metrics using professional tools and software. They will then help us arrive at the best method for fixing the problem. In fact, a structural engineer will inspect the job site at the completion of each phase to ensure a high quality of work.

We May Be Able to Simply Fix the Moisture Problem

If we've been contracted by a homeowner before serious shifting or sinking of the foundation has occurred, we can simply fix the moisture problem without bracing your foundation. We have various high end packages of gutter and downspout systems that we can install that will move water away from the base of your home. We can also grade the land and soil around your home if need be, and we can create a foundation drainage system that will end your issues with hydrostatic pressure.

Bracing, Piling, and Piering as Corrective Measures

When more extensive measures are needed, we can drive piles below your foundation, screw helical piers to a sufficient torque, brace the walls of your foundation, pour new concrete, and more. We will do whatever we need to do to keep your home sturdy and your family safe. 

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