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Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor in Arvada

Whether you are facilitating a contemporary floor plan, prepping for a sale, or expanding your house with an addition, our load-bearing wall removal contractors in Arvada can help you transform your home. Our structural engineers provide detailed plans, we secure your permits, and we will safely and professionally remove the wall and replace it with flush beams or another structural mechanism. Get in touch for your free quote, and whether you are a homeowner or a general contractor, we are happy to help.

It Starts With Our Experienced Structural Engineers

Your home's safety and structural integrity are paramount. Our team of licensed structural engineers will start the project by performing a thorough on-site inspection. We need to understand the exact nature and function of the wall in question. After studying the architectural dynamics of your home, we draft detailed plans outlining the removal process. These plans and drawings make the permit process easy, and they also guide the actions of our wall removal team.

Deciding on a New Structural System

To remove a load bearing wall, we'll need to have a replacement support system ready to implement

Flush beams are one common method. We can seamlessly integrate heavy duty beams along your ceiling for a clean look, leaving your view unobstructed. These are wonderful for homeowners who want to open up the space between a kitchen and dining room, or perhaps allow people in one room to see through picture windows to an outdoor view. Along these lines, we can also add exposed beams in place of a load bearing wall. These work well for rustic or farmhouse styles.

If you want an industrial edge to your home's interior, or if the structural demands on the previous wall were significant, we can also use vertical steel beams to support your roof or ceiling. We can touch these up with paint or simply leave them unfinished.

Post and Beam systems are sometimes the right answer for those in a "barndominium" style home or other rustic house. It does require vertical posts, but your views will be largely unobstructed. 

Our Wall Removal Process

Once the inspection is complete, the plans and permits are squared away, and we've decided on a replacement structural support system, we can proceed with the project in your home.

Preparing the Wall For Removal

We will cut down the drywall, remove electrical wiring, tear out ductwork, remove insulation, and otherwise clear the wall from everything except for the support beams. We may also be able to prepare the ceiling joists and other beams to receive a new flush beam at this point.

Setting Up the Temporary Wall

We need to build a temporary wall to provide structural support while we replace your current load bearing wall. We do this carefully and to the engineer's exact plans -- it is a small construction job in its own right. This temporary wall will come down once the new non-invasive beams or posts are in place.

Installing the New Structural System

This when we hoist the flush beam into place and secure it with joist hangers, screws and nails. Or if you are using vertical beams or a beam and post system, we will set that up during this stage. We will not remove the temporary support wall until the new structural system is fully installed.

Removing the Temporary Wall and Cleaning Up

Now we can finally remove the temporary wall and leave your home looking open and refreshed. We will carefully cut down the support lumber, and if we detect any sagging or insecurities in the new beams, we will correct the issue. We then leave your home clean, your paint undamaged, and your floor like new. You will love the new open look of your home.

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